LaTeX to Lulu, the Making of AOSA: Geometry, and Headers and Footers

The two volumes of The Architecture of Open Source Applications were typeset with LaTeX and printed through Lulu. If you’re publishing through Lulu or another self-publisher and you want to create a polished book without spending the earth on a desktop publishing package, LaTeX is a good choice. It provides a professional result and it’s infinitely customizable — if you have the patience to put it together and the resourcefulness to figure out how. I couldn’t have finished the AOSA books without the generosity of people all over the world who posted their LaTeX tips to forums and blogs. This series of posts pays some of that back by sharing what I learned.

LaTeX to Lulu

  1. Headers and Footers
  2. Fonts and Captions
  3. Table of Contents and Chapter Title Pages
  4. Custom Commands and Environments
  5. Other Useful Packages and Settings
  6. Pulling It All Together

Today’s post is about specifying the size of the book, and the headers and footers.

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